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Aarambh has got a whole new look!

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After 5 months of successful blogging, finally Aarambh has got a whole new look and feel. I hope with this new Visionary magazine style theme, my blog articles may get more exposure and better Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Few months back, Keshav had provided me a real long list of all possilble types of wordpress themes and I a very much grateful to him that I found this one the most suitable for my blog.

There is always a scope for improving whatever things we do. Same applies here. Although, I tried my best to give this theme a nice and neat look but there is always a possibility of improvement. So friends, I am open for any type of comments and feedbacks. Please help me improve my present theme. I am not much of a designer instead I prefer coding over that. Kindly, tell me weak areas in my blog’s theme and I’ll try to rectify those as soon as possible.

So, am waiting for your comments.

In the end, a big thanks to Madhur who shared with me his experience of blogging and also many valuable advices right from the very first day I launched my site and started blogging.

Well friends, look Leslie has already expressed her views in her own humorous style (here) and I am anxiously waiting for yours as well.

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13 Responses to “Aarambh has got a whole new look!”

  1. Keith Dsouza says:

    Looks quite nice but I think you should make the subscribe images a bit more better they look to be broken right now.

  2. Rakshit says:


    It was looking abs fine in photoshop but then when I saved as a image, it changed this way. But surely it doesn’t looks good. I’ll try to correct it asap.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Rockstar Sid says:

    Simple and attractive (Why don’t u change that Subscribe and updates text image,looks too bright for me)..

    Also their is another theme called as Structure..the creator of visionary theme (Justin Tadlock).. Even that will suit this site…

    But this change is really helpful for everyone who wants to read your blog :-)

  4. Nirmal says:

    Nice theme, but as Sid said Structure theme is bit more organized than Visionary.

  5. Rakshit says:

    I am working on those subscribe images and will change it soon.

    @Sid and Nirmal

    I found that Structure theme when I was almost finished modifying this current theme. Perhaps, I will give it a try next time.

  6. Steve Yu says:

    Same comment. The subscribe images can be beautify to look more attractive. Overall, I like your new theme. Maybe I should consider changing a new theme. :D

    Steve Yu’s last blog post… The Best Collection of Clock Screensavers For Your Desktop

  7. Leslie says:

    Nice to know that you like my joke Rakshit :) …Anyway, I’m actually a girl :) .

  8. Rakshit says:


    OMG, sorry for the mistake dear. I was thinking the same but then I thought if Lesley is used for girls then probable Leslie may be a boy. What a blunder. Anyways, I have corrected it.

    Good that you liked it. I am just not able to get that image right. If you planning for a theme upgrade better try Structure theme as suggested by Rockstar Kid and Nirmal.

  9. The theme looks nice. Just work on the images as all have said. Rest i will tell you on GTalk

    Madhur Kapoor’s last blog post… Tweet when Twitter is Down with Twiddict

  10. Joel Thomas says:

    Great theam. I love the simplistic color approach. But I like as others had mentioned earlier, could improve in the header and the subscribe sections.

  11. Rakshit says:

    Yaar I am not able to correct those images. I have asked MAN to do so. Hope he solves this problem.

    Will surely do it soon. Thanks for your feedback.

  12. Norhafidz says:

    simple and it doesn’t make me dizzy, which is good for your visitors Rakshit! Overall, your new theme rocks!

    Norhafidz’s last blog post… I’m not quitting

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