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Web1 Solutions – India’s most trusted Web Hosting Company

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This is NOT a Paid Review but a kind of Thanksgiving to Deep and Web1.

Choosing a cheap and reliable hosting server is always a matter of great concern to every person willing to launch his personal or business websites. There are cases when a site owner is not satisfied with his hosting company services. So, finding a suitable web hosting is must before you plan to start any website.

At Web1 Solutions, India’s fastest growing and most dynamic web solutions company, the customer satisfaction is of primary concern. To add to that it offers a full range of affordable, reliable and feature-packed hosting services.
Mr. Deep Ganatra is the founder of the company that guarantees 24x7x365 Live Support with 99.9% Uptime.

What I like most about it?

I’ll better answer it through following points:-

1.) They value their customers- Being a customer, you just ask what you want and they’ll try their best to provide you with the same. Very quick in responding to any queries or problems. Top notch hospitality.

2.) No Downtime- For every site administrator this issue is very important. No one wants their site to go down every now and then especially when you are receiving high amount of traffic and expecting a high earning on a particular day. You can just relax without any worries.

3.) Wide Range of Plans to choose – Their Linux Hosting packages range right from 25 MB to 3 GB and can suit every requirement and budget. More than that, you can also buy extra Space as well as extra Bandwidth anytime, so you can never run short of it. Everyone can afford to buy one, great huh?

My blog is hosted on Web1 itself and believe me, right from the day I first started blogging, I didn’t face any problems as such. There were few cases when my b/w exceeded its maximum limit but then it was resolved so quickly I can’t even imagine that. This is what we call 24x7x365 Live Support, isn’t it?

So, what you waiting for?

I am giving THUMPS UP to the Web1 Solutions Hosting services and if any body among you planning to launch their new website, you should consider this as one of the best in the business. Also, if you fed up with your existing hosting server, Web1 is just the right place for you.

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8 Responses to “Web1 Solutions – India’s most trusted Web Hosting Company”

  1. Deep Ganatra says:

    Hey Rakshit,

    Thanks a lot for the kind words. We really love to see happy people around and help our clients / friends to grow. So we do every best possible thing we can.


  2. Rakshit says:

    You are doing too good, Deep. Carry on with that. Your company will rise to next level.

    Warm Wishes

  3. Roshan says:

    There is a lot of hosting companies providing unlimited bandwidth and disk space with 99.9 uptime. Just google it. Web1 Solutions are not offering any good deals.

  4. Deep Ganatra says:

    Hey Roshan,

    Yes there are LOT of companies providing cheap web space, for e.g. around 10 GB web space with some 100 GB bandwidth for Rs. 2000 a year.. or some companies like dreamhost are like unlimited webspace for around Rs. 5000 a year..
    and also, many of the Indian companies buy reseller accounts with other companies and sell the webspace at dirt cheap rate.. their support works fine in the begining but in the long run.. everyone knows what happens to those companies :)

    Okay, back to big companies providing space at low rate.

    Following key factors to check:

    1. Their server configurations (Dreamhost has decent servers) – Most of the companies do not invest into good servers but yea, some of them do too..

    2. Overselling / Over usage – You can buy account with any of these cheap hosting companies, log on to shell account or their cpanel.. check for server load.. in 90% of the cases, the load will be above 3-4.. where as in our servers, in 90% of the cases it will be below 1.

    So, now the question is, how does it affect a normal user? Well, to be frank, the user with not-so-serious website, or say users with static sites, it might not affect much.. but the users with decent traffic with database driven website, they will surely see the difference in the speed.

    We also provide webspace at cheap rate, 1 GB for say Rs. 1,500 a year.. but that will be on the budget servers with not so high configuration..

    But the rates which are mentioned on our site, are strictly for our business servers, which run on 8 cores with 4 GB RAM and we make sure that enough of resources are free, so that everyone gets quality hosting experience.

    Also, I would like to point you about, “unlimited” webspace.

    There is nothing like unlimited in computers.. everything comes with a limit.. you buy a hard disk.. it comes in say.. 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, 3TB but there is a limit to it..

    You simply cannot have unlimited space… what I suggest is, have a unlimited account with any company… have the stuff over 1 or 2 GBs and then see what happens.. in most of the cases, support staff will ask you to move to higher priced packages as their shared hosting won’t be able to take load of the high usage websites… (If you are going to share files worth 1 – 2 GB+ on the server, then your usage of the resources also going to be high and thats where the problem starts)

    I am not saying companies providing cheap hosting are bad.. but surely, most of them are not good..

    That’s it I gues…


  5. Rakshit says:


    You know what is SATYAM’s (one of India’s IT major)punch line? It’s “our people make the difference”. Yes, their own chairman has made the difference, isn’t it?

    So the moral is please don’t fall prey to stuffs like “unlimited” and “99.9″. These are nothing but marketing strategies.

    If you own a company, you will sell your products by hook or crook.

    My site is hosted on Web1 servers for about a year and half and believe me, whatever DEEP said in his comments, they are ALL true.

    @ Deep

    Thanks for the clarification. :-)

  6. Pallab says:

    Overselling is a big problem with cheap webhosts. Its fine if you run a service that doesn’t require a lot of cpu, but if you do then you are screwed.
    And well you are not the first one who is all praise for Web1. Many of my friends use hosting provided by Deep.

  7. Katey says:

    Do they only provide service to you if you live in India, or can you get hosting with them from out of the country?

  8. Deep Ganatra says:

    Katey – Our target audience is mainly Indians but everyone is welcome :)

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