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My College Life is Over!

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This is perhaps the last post ever published from my university hostel room no H-5/31.

On 26th July, 2004 (yea, I still remember the date) I was first stepped into Jaypee University Of Information Technology to pursue an undergraduate course, Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech). Four years henceforth, today i.e 26th May, 2008 I am all set to leave my university for ever with a Degree in hand, a job waiting and my personal blog Aarambh running successfully.

Really, four long years have passed like anything and now it’s so hard to believe the reality. If you ask me what I will miss the most, my answer would be MY DEAR FRIENDS and also MY HOSTEL ROOM.

This is a nostalgic feeling. You have spent 4 years living with your friends, enjoying every moment with your friends, sharing every problems with your friends and more than that even those fights among friends-all will become a MEMORY in just few minutes from now. Difficult to believe, right?

But that’s the way life is. I learned so much out here in college both in terms of academic and life and now it’s time to actually implement those in real life which happens to be a corporate life. A place difficult to survive for many.

Dear readers, please wish me good luck for future and also help me to come out of this nostalgia moments. Man, it’s so so so difficult to leave from a place which transformed me to a MAN from a BOY.

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16 Responses to “My College Life is Over!”

  1. Keith Dsouza says:

    Leaving something back is always hard and you will definitely miss it but once you get ahead in life you will always look back and cherish on those memories.

    Wish you the best of luck for your future :)

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  2. DC says:

    Mate,u do not have to loose old friends, at the same time you will make many more as you move into real world. Be brave.
    Been enjoying your blogs. I wonder how i can set up one on my personal linux server- any ideas?

  3. Rakshit says:

    Thanks Keith for your good wishes. Really these are unforgettable part of my life.

    Those are very encouraging words. Very true indeed. Thanks

    Regarding your question about setting up a blog on personal linux server, I’ll mail you all the details.

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  4. Leslie says:

    I have passed that moment…That was difficult to for me. Left friends that I had been working together for years. But now I find that I can let that moment to be th e part of my memories. New activities and colleagues at work places have pushed me to start the new life soon. I believe you’ll be able too…

  5. Hey cool .. Congrats of completing college. what a co-incidence, I was just reading last post from college on madhur’s blog too :D

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  6. Rakshit says:

    Until unless, I don’t get into the job quickly, its really difficult to accept the fact that I have left all my friends behind.

    Thanks buddy. Actually, Madhur and I are course mates (and more than that very good friends) that’s why you see similar posts in two blogs.

  7. Nirmal says:

    Congrats on your graduation, no plans to do PG? :-)

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  8. Rakshit says:

    Thanks Nirmal.

    Well right now I am going for job then after few years of job ex I will probably do executive mba.

    Also, I am one of the few lucky ones who got the doj in Infy so early. I am not going to leave that for sure.

  9. Rick says:

    I wish you the best of luck out there. Personally I am entering my junior year of college. And I am already starting to worry about losing touch with friends, and getting by in the real world.

    But anyways. Congratulations on getting your degree.

  10. Rakshit says:

    Thanks Rick for your wishes.

    Good luck for your future as well.

  11. neha says:

    I can understand buddy …. i too jst finished my college n the feeling is patheic … i agree that frnds dont go anywhere bt the situation change…. n thats y college days should never end … na??

  12. Rakshit says:


    Hey then you are in same boat as I am- “Just finished college”. You know what I still feel as if I am on a summer vacation and by the end of july I’ll going back to college. But the truth is their is no going back now.

    College days are long back over and actually its time to move forward.

  13. neha says:

    yes indeed its time to move on … it isn dat easy though …. anyways keep up the good wrk buddy !

  14. Rakshit says:

    Yea thanks Neha…

  15. moin says:

    oh that must be a very touchy moment i can only think about my last day at school and i was seriously happy and now i am going through college and still happy :D

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  16. Katey says:

    Fun! What you been doin since college?

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