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Smart way to configure Firefox address bar with Search Engines

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In my last post we have discussed about using Firefox address bar as search box. But that was just a basic level tutorial. What I am going to discuss today is a step forward to the original one.

How about utilizing all possible search engines functionality from your single Firefox address bar? At any time you can easily search Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Answers.com etc. No need to first choose your search engine type and then do the required searching.

Let’s quickly go through the steps involved for this configuration to work efficiently:-

(Mind you it’s just a 1 time configuration)

1- Choose your default Search Engine type and configure it by the method explained earlier. (I have setup Google for that)

Now we have to configure the alternative Search Engines.

2- Navigate to the first site whose search engine you want to use.

3- Right click on the text box for the search, and choose Add a Keyword for this search


4- In the dialog box that pops up, enter a Name and a Keyword (alias). Choose a keyword that you can remember easily

(For example: – go for Google, ya for Yahoo, wi for Wikipedia, ans for Answers.com etc.)


Similarly, add all other possible Search Engines that you use frequently.

How to implement it?

1- Press Alt+D to set the focus on the address bar.

2- If you want to use your Default Search Engine, just type the search terms straight away and press enter.

3- If you wish to use any other Search Engine that you have configured earlier, first type its Keyword followed by <SPACE> and then your search terms.

Example: - go rakshit khare for searching through Google, ya rakshit khare for searching through Yahoo, wi rakshit khare for searching through Wikipedia etc.

That’s it. You are done.

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2 Responses to “Smart way to configure Firefox address bar with Search Engines”

  1. srikanth says:

    useful tool thanx mate

  2. Rakshit says:

    You’re welcome, Srikanth

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