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How to give your USB devices a Background Image

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I suppose we all have tried to give background images to our desktop folders. How about setting the same background to our USB devices (Pen drive, Portable Hard Disks etc.) as well? That background image will be seen on every computer you plug in that USB device.

It’s really a 3 step process. Let’s begin:-

1.) Copy Paste the following code in the notepad and rename that notepad file to desktop.ini (Just make sure when you paste this code, the Double Quotes are in Notepad format otherwise type the Double quotes manually from your keyboard.)




2.) Choose any image of your choice and rename it to back.jpg

3.) Copy Paste both these files (i.e. desktop.ini and back.jpg) into your USB device and make them hidden by selecting Properties -> Hidden Files.

That’s it. You are done.

Just REFRESH your screen and you will see your image on background.


So, how you feel about this technique?

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143 Responses to “How to give your USB devices a Background Image”

  1. zard says:

    do i really need to rewrite the code?

    it still doesnt work on my usb..

    hhmmm..sorry..newbie here =p

  2. Quincy says:

    I ahve an ipod I am trying to do this too and it’s not working. I replaced the quotes… still not working. The extentions are correct…

  3. Quincy says:

    It ended up working out. Just close it and reopen it. Refreshing the page does not work for me…

  4. charleigh says:

    i’ve followed your instructions and even changed the double qoutes to notepad form but still i can’t view my background image. Instead, the folder names bacame invisible and i can’t bring them back

  5. charleigh says:

    hey, thanks.i’ve finally done it .it looks great

  6. Noel says:

    to whom it may concern:

    i would like to us if there is any code to place a background music in the usb.

    thanks in advance..

    more power….

  7. juram101 says:

    hi rakshit,

    how to fit my image to window?
    i mean, i want that when i drag the right-bottom of my window, my background image should also fit my desired size of the window..
    could you help please how to set that or what code should i add on desktop.ini?

    thank you..

  8. joel says:

    [{BE098140-A513-11D0-A3A4-00C04FD706EC}] can you explain this code to me…..pls…

  9. alder says:

    hi pal,
    i could hardly figure out your instuctions on how to put back ground image on the USB. . . i just want to enjoy the thing others enjoyed. . .
    i have tried copying all the code in this format and posted it on notepad and saved it as desktop.ini. . i also selected an image and saved it as back.jpg and made the necessary settings. . . such as saving as hidden on the properties. . . but it doesn’t work. . .


    i am a little bit confused on what double qoutes is??? oh sorry but i’m not familiar with it. . . is it the ” or the [{ mark???? hoping to hear from you. . . thanks. . . u cud e-mail me at malik_warra_eee@hotmail.com. . . if it wont take much of your time. . . thanks again. . .

  10. sai says:

    hi..Ive tried many times but still its not working…need help…huhuh

  11. Zed says:

    does this work for vista???or can you create one for both vista and xp?

  12. yash says:

    i am using windowXP and tried this trick but no response is there. i also changed the double codes in notepad format manually. but its not working yet. plz help. my id is yash_vir1983@yahoo.com……….thanx

  13. zorthan says:

    it work in my pc…but when i put in others pc the background not showing…
    bettween that the background can fix in one place or not?
    cuz when i scoll down the image repeating only…

  14. ibs says:

    Just wanted to say thanks…
    i knew this trick back before but i forgot about it…
    luckily i found ur website…
    n might i add that ur one patient person…
    the number of people asking the same thing again n again…
    i would hope they just read and look for answers first before asking…

    ibs’s last blog post… Shallow depth of field

  15. Bing says:

    i using window vista. i have try severel time of the solution. I dont know why i seem dont work. can u help me?

  16. Jayeen says:

    hello…can you help me to get code or put background in my USB???

  17. vaisakh says:

    OK……..thnx Let me know how I use this stuff for all windows?

  18. angelo says:

    it does not work on my usb :/ too bad…my usb is toshiba and i wonder mybe its not compatible or whatever

  19. Rakshit says:


    It doesn’t matter whether you USB is of Toshiba or for that matter any other company. It depends on Operating System on which you are connecting your USB to. It will not work in Vista Operating System.

  20. johnedel says:

    is it possible to us .gif to make usb background?

    johnedel’s last blog post… How To Get Rid Of Programs You Didn’t Install

  21. lemz says:

    ahm..me i ask how to find the qoutes to rename?

  22. Rakshit says:

    @ lemz

    Quotes means that double quote symbol – (“”)

    Got it?

  23. jeff says:

    hello sir Rakshit,,

    i really couldn’t find th errors,,

    i can’t put the back ground…


    help me,,

    i named my picture as back.jpg and my notepad as desktop.ini..

    but nothing happens after i hide it in my USB…


  24. krish says:

    hello rakshitk!!!!!! i just want to say super thanks for your tips….i love it!!! just continue doing this….its so nice…

  25. krish says:

    i will read later your tips about recovering files in usb….. thank you once again….


  26. krish says:

    hello rakshit,

    thanks for the tip about “backround in usb”… actually i have a code before on this but i have deleted it… thats why i search for some tips and code here on the internet…

  27. Rogie says:

    thanks for all the details..I have leraned too much regarding with this,; how to make a usb background
    I ask also that:
    How to change icon on your drive it is contents also of codes????

  28. polpolusi says:

    i have my background now thnx… question how i will change the font color to costumize my usb more…

    iconarea_text=”0xFF00FF00″ > i use this code but the filename remain black.the area text only change to green

    iconarea_text=”0xFF00FF” > if this the filename change to pink so as the area text

  29. kim says:

    hi friend.
    i dont know how…
    pls help me…

  30. kim says:

    i’ve followed your instructions and even changed the double qoutes to notepad form but still i can’t view my background image. Instead, the folder names bacame invisible and i can’t bring them back

  31. Rakshit says:


    Try different image. It should work.

  32. khim_libra says:

    hi dear..
    the cade doesnt work..
    i’d tried it many times but nothing happens,.
    please help i really want to have that..
    same code..at the same time i follow all struction given but is doesnt work..
    please help me.. tnx
    please reply..tnx

  33. Rakshit says:


    Did you try changing the double quotes? Change it to notepad format, it should work pretty fine. Also, make sure their is no other desktop.ini file present in that directory.

    Please feel free to get back to me in case of any issues.


  34. khim_libra says:

    yes.. id tried changing it..and also there’s no other desktop.ini on any of my files.. but still nothing happens..
    why it did not appear on my flash drive..what’s wrong??
    please help..

  35. Rakshit says:


    Could you please tell us know which Operating System are you using, is it XP or Vista or anyother?

    This code will work only in OS XP and below versions not in Vista.

    Did you try changing some other picture?

  36. kim_libra says:

    hei dear,.
    im using OS XP..
    i have now the background pic on my usb..
    but i’d use other codes given by my friend.
    its ok now.
    its working..
    wanw have some codes?tnx for entertaining me.
    tnx to all advise..
    god blez.
    god speed.

  37. reno says:

    hi…i’m also newbie about this..can you tell me how to put a background image into a center position (usb)???..please i need your help…thanks a lot..

  38. Kazuyen says:

    hi can i just how would you apply the image on all the sub folders the image only work in the main window but when i try to enter a folder it goes back to the boring white any answers pls?

  39. revile says:

    hi there,, how can i make my desktop image fix…???
    not scrollable,,, coz it is!!
    plz email me at revile_69@yahoo.com

    revile’s last blog post… Message: Now I Understand!

  40. nicco says:

    i juz cant get the desktop.ini..kindly tell me how?starting from the beginning pls…there are no choices for the file type of the notepad.txt except for save file type as “All files”or as notepad.txt..only two..

    im anticipating for a pleasant response on this..
    thank you!

  41. jesse says:

    how to put my image? i cant really understand it.

  42. naaf says:

    hy rakshit

    i did follow ur instructions very carefully. um using OS XP and i even did change the double quotes..bt still its nt workin on ma pendrive.

    plzz help me

  43. raymond says:

    uhm, what should i do? i want to rechange the background again, what should i do?

  44. _SHEN_c: says:

    wow..how to change the font color and size?.. i had my background now..so cool..steps are very easy…

  45. Rakshit says:

    If you want to change the background pic just replace the image file “background.jpg” with some other file. Make sure to rename the new .jpg file with the same name.

  46. qasem says:

    thanks for ur solution …
    and I wanna if u know how I can make folders protected like passwords or anything I can trusted otherwise hide the folders
    thanks again

  47. keerthie says:


  48. ConfusedKid says:

    The notepad wont go to .ini
    i renamed it desktop.ini but its still a notepad
    wat do i do?

  49. David says:

    Rakshitk can you help me because the pic is not appare in my usb….you reply in my friendster my email is david_dac23@yahoo.com

  50. Rakshit says:

    If renaming files does not work then open that notepad file and goto File->Save As…. While saving the file give name as desktop.ini. It should pretty fine…

    Get back to me if you need further information of that. :-)

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