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How to give your USB devices a Background Image

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I suppose we all have tried to give background images to our desktop folders. How about setting the same background to our USB devices (Pen drive, Portable Hard Disks etc.) as well? That background image will be seen on every computer you plug in that USB device.

It’s really a 3 step process. Let’s begin:-

1.) Copy Paste the following code in the notepad and rename that notepad file to desktop.ini (Just make sure when you paste this code, the Double Quotes are in Notepad format otherwise type the Double quotes manually from your keyboard.)




2.) Choose any image of your choice and rename it to back.jpg

3.) Copy Paste both these files (i.e. desktop.ini and back.jpg) into your USB device and make them hidden by selecting Properties -> Hidden Files.

That’s it. You are done.

Just REFRESH your screen and you will see your image on background.


So, how you feel about this technique?

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143 Responses to “How to give your USB devices a Background Image”

  1. kHiM says:

    how can i make my background image center and no repeat….
    im just a newbie…

    another one can i change the font size and color of my file….
    im just wondering if that could be possible….

  2. nadine says:

    keeewl! LABIT!:D

    nadine’s last blog post… EXAM DAYS err WEEKS.

  3. huffy-me says:

    yes i did apply the background but its like not working on its subfolders???

    how can i put an image background on the subfolders on my flask disk????

    kindly help me….

  4. MIsyl says:

    It’s so nice……….
    My friends are very eager to know how to put a background image in their flash drives…..
    Can I also put backgroound image on sub-folders of my USB?

  5. MIsyl says:

    How can I change the color of my file names……..
    Just wondering >>>>>>

  6. Neecoe says:

    the code works, but i would appreciate it more if the code would work also in subfolders so that even i open a folder in my USB the background will still be seen….can you help me?

  7. Kiara says:

    Yeah this did not work for me at all, I followed every step and tried three times. All that is different now is I cant see anything but the little picture icons in My documents (Veiw is set to details)

  8. criz says:

    hi rakshitk,,,,,,,i follow your instruction already but no one can change into my usb the image cannot appear…plz help me,,,,,,,how can i put image in my usb.???just email me this cristenalyncuevas@yahoo.com

  9. fira says:

    i already did the tutorial, but it didn’t work on my usb background, i already did:

    - copy the text and rename it as desktop.ini
    - rename the jpg text same as my own pic name, ex : blabla.jpg
    - copy and paste them to my usb

    but it all didnt work
    how come? did i make a wrong way


  10. mikey says:

    hi Rakshit why wouldn’t this USB background thing work in vista. i use vista and i wuld like to have it.is there any way out.
    Thanx in advance

  11. jane says:

    Dear Rackshit

    How does it work i try the code above you say
    its not working im pen drive

  12. prabhat says:

    hey rakshit, nice post
    just keep on
    but tell me one thing. Is this thing only for usb drive and not for any folder?
    is there anything that u can tell us to change folder background image?
    thanx again

  13. mjason says:

    ,,,,hi..please help me..l try to put a background image on my usb,but it doesnt applied,instead it hidden the name and other info of my files….

    ….please help me..thank you…….

  14. mjason says:

    ..please send an answer on my fs account,,,,dark_oracle013@yahoo.com..

    ..tnxu so much…


  15. Chelen says:

    Please help me..I tried to put a background image in my usb it works but my files in my documents are all invisible instead…

    What I am going to do to put back all my files (in documents)to show again? please help and teach me…


  16. KATs says:

    guy..I follow all instruction..But its not working..huhuhu
    anybody..who can teach me???

  17. franklin says:

    it didn’t work, why?

    franklin’s last blog post… How To Get Rid Of Programs You Didn’t Install

  18. Tahir says:

    for vista user …check out

  19. David says:

    ahmmm.. how can i change my font after changing the background?

  20. lyn says:

    it’s not working in my pc but in my friend’s pc it is workiing. is it because my os is vista? answer me pls..tnx

  21. Please help me..I tried to put a background image in my usb it works but my files in my documents are all invisible instead…

    What I am going to do to put back all my files (in documents)to show again? please help and teach me…


    windows7tutorial’s last blog post… Windows 7 Build 7262 Ready To RTM

  22. don says:

    Thanks bro!

  23. kayna says:

    i did change the flash desk background but it is not in Stretch position i want this in Stretch position view , now it is in title view . so plz help me how can i change its view position like desktop properties.if any one knows email me or here guide me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. you can email me kkreal_eyes@yahoo.com

  24. Kyle says:


    I copied the code to put a desktop image on my flashdrive but I accidentally dropped it in my documents folder and now all the folder names are gone. I tried to locate the notepad file titled “desktop.ini” by doing a search of the whole computer but it cannot be located.I even looked under hidden files. I am not able to fix it.


  25. Johnny says:

    not working with my USB after I have save notepad as “desktop.ini” (no quote) and Save one of my picture as jpg.

    any one tell me why it is not working?

  26. Sokka says:

    Hey, i just want to say thanks and after several attemps, i did manage to get the image onto my USB background.

  27. Arjay says:

    hey the image is repeated… what should i do so it won’t repeat and it will be centered…. the image is too small… im not so familiar with this so any help would be much appreciated…. if you now something pls reply to this thread or mail me



  28. reyland says:

    Its so nice……..its very easy…ive learned a lot.

  29. RAVIKUMAR says:

    hello mr. Rakshit,
    i tried this one and it”s work perfctly.please tell me how can i use this image for all subfolders.

    thank you.

  30. MHAEL says:


  31. utkal says:

    i have try so many suggestion to do same thing from many sites but it didn’t work….

    but bro u r a rocker u have also one line attribute coding and it’s really work.

    thank you bro thanks from my heart …………..

    u rock…….

  32. akhmad says:

    Be careful with the “quotes”. the character encoding is not the same with that of notepad, which use ASCII. FOr sure, delete the quotes and retype them.

  33. Hacky Grim says:

    IconArea_Image=F:\New Folder\image.jpg

    Use the above codes for sub-folders backgrounds. Open Notepad, copy and paste the code and save it as desktop.ini on the folder you want to put a background. Simply change the image path containing the image you want to use as background.. Very simple, even noobs can understand^_^

  34. Hacky Grim says:

    Change the properties into hidden to hide the cofiguration settings and to prevent being deleted. Simply right click destop.ini, properties, check hidden.

  35. jeaneaj says:

    thanks it works.. image file must be small.. :D

  36. aeon says:

    just follow the instructions.
    maybe you made an error on the part wherein you need to save it as back.jpg.
    Unlike the one he saved it as blalala.jpg there would be an error on that part.

  37. thankz…nice..very tricky at first…..

  38. sekhon gurwant says:

    it doesnt work on my windows 7 ultimate x64 sp1

  39. Aaron says:

    it’s working!!!
    my friend’s head almost blasted when i show him this trick!!

  40. ChrisHerkzhiel says:

    what do you mean by “REFRESH”?

  41. Clark Peterson says:

    yeah i had same problem with you dear Chris Herzkiel
    what do you mean by “Refresh”
    is it by left-clicking on desktop and choose refresh??

  42. jahanzeb says:

    plz tell me the size of pic copied
    i m tried much more but i got noyhing plz help me 4 making usb background.
    plz help me.

  43. Burnhard says:

    i would like to ask if it would ne possible to make an animated background image for usb???

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