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How to reveal passwords hidden under Asterisks

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I have already discussed about a small but useful utility Asterisk Key to find hidden passwords in Internet Explorer. But scope of this application is not limited to web browsers only. It can also be used to reveal passwords hidden under asterisks from any windows applications like Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger etc.

How many times have you forgotten your saved passwords? It happens with everyone. But don’t worry. Things can be a lot easier after you learn how to use this software. 

All you have to do is to launch the application for which the password has to be found along with Asterisk Key. Then click on “Recover” button in Asterisk Key.

That’s it. You can see in the image below the password gets revealed along with the application name.


It’s very simple. Now a forgotten password hidden under asterisks is just a click away. Also, you can easily hack others stored passwords as well.


Download:- Asterisk Key

Any comments are whole heartedly appreciated.

P.S. Asterisk Key size is just 453 Kb and it does not work with Firefox. It’s up to you if you use if for hacking.

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11 Responses to “How to reveal passwords hidden under Asterisks”

  1. Haris says:

    I usually forget my saved passwords. Thanks a lot for sharing this app. :)

  2. Rakshit says:

    You’re welcome, Haris.

  3. Steve Yu says:

    I use the same password for most of my accounts online.

  4. Rakshit says:

    Better be careful, Steve. Someone can easily steal your passwords and misuse it. You should keep on changing your passwords every now and then.

  5. hanep says:

    anyway, does it work on firefox?

    haneps last blog post… Why do I love home?

  6. hanep says:

    ok.. just got the point.

    haneps last blog post… Why do I love home?

  7. ashish says:

    you have given the asterisk key in which we are given our mail id and password than it will show our password, but when some body forget its password and he know only its mail id how he can retrieve its password

  8. beenish khan says:

    please tel me how do i find out if my friend has deleted my profile from gtalk

  9. datha says:

    how can i find my lost email password
    i need it . there is important in it

  10. wow.. great share…

  11. Jessa says:

    most websites nowadays no longer use asterisks to hide passwords…would it still work in those cases?

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