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Recover/Hack Lost Instant Messenger Passwords

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Earlier we have discussed a lot about “How to…” secure your system from unwanted access by protecting it with a Secret Key. Also we have talked about few security mechanisms that can protect your system from various viruses and Trojans. Now when you are aware of all these security mechanisms along with a unique way to lock your files and folders, I take you to all-together different road to hacking.

MessenPass is a password recovery tool that reveals the passwords of the following instant messenger applications:

  • MSN Messenger
  • Windows Messenger (In Windows XP)
  • Windows Live Messenger (In Windows XP And Vista)
  • Yahoo Messenger (Versions 5.x and 6.x)
  • Google Talk
  • ICQ Lite 4.x/5.x/2003
  • AOL Instant Messenger v4.6 or below, AIM 6.x, and AIM Pro.
  • Trillian
  • Miranda
  • GAIM/Pidgin
  • MySpace IM

MessenPass can only be used to recover the passwords for the current logged-on user on your local computer, and it only works if you chose the “remember your password” in one of the above programs. You cannot use this utility for grabbing the passwords of other users.


Installing MessenPass

MessenPass can be used without any installation process, simply by running the executable file (mspass.exe) from the zip file.
If you want to install MessenPass with automatic creation of program group icons and uninstall support, download and run the self-install executable file.

Using MessenPass

When you run MessenPass, it automatically detects the Instant Messenger applications installed on your computer, decrypts the passwords they store, and displays all user name/password pairs that it found in the main window of MessenPass. If from some reason, MessenPass fails to locate the installed Instant Messenger application, you can try to manually select the right folder of your IM application by using ‘Select Folders’ option (from the File menu).

On the main window of MessenPass, you can select one or more password items, and then copy them to the clipboard in tab-delimited format (you can paste this format into Excel or Open-Office Spreadsheet), or save them into text/html files.


Download MessenPass in zip file (mspass.zip)

Download self-install executable for installing MessenPass with uninstall support

Alternate Link: – SoftPedia

Hope, you like the simple yet effective password recovery utility. Your comments are important to us. Please feel free to reply with your views and feedbacks.

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13 Responses to “Recover/Hack Lost Instant Messenger Passwords”

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  2. rajbir says:

    can sum1 get our passwrds also if we use it in a computer center ? ( where this thing is running)????????????

  3. Rakshit says:

    @Mr. Rajbir
    Passwords are revealed only if you choose “remember me” while signing in. That’s why it is better not to select that option in a public computer. Otherwise, it’s all gone.

  4. Nirmal says:

    Nice utility, If we are using our own PCs then mostly we check the remember me box.

  5. Recover Lost Instant Messenger Passwords…

    MessenPass is a password recovery tool that reveals the passwords of various instant messenger applications. It can be used without any installation process….

  6. Geoserv says:


    Very cool, if only this worked for website passwords.

    VOTED for this tip at:

  7. Rakshit says:

    Yes and and as soon as you check that option, anyone using your computer can exploit that loophole.

    My next post will be on how to reveal stored passwords for websites. So better Stay Tuned…

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  9. Nugget says:

    I downloaded this app but AVG tells me it contains a trogan, so naturally I deleted it.

  10. Rakshit says:

    Ohh don’t worry Nugget it is totally spyware free. It’s very obvious with all hacking softwares.

    Few Anti viruses tend to detect softwares like these as “harmful to computer”. Well, certainly it is harmful to computer because it helps you to reveal IMs passwords.

    What say?

  11. zlatan24 says:

    I heard about not bad application-recovery zip, able scans the archive, detects the data structure and tries to recover as much information from the corrupted file as possible, using several different recovery algorithms, the tool makes it possible to achieve the minimal loss of useful data stored in the corrupted archive,restore data from corrupted media (floppy disks, compact disks, Zip drives and others).

  12. spyware says:

    The software that you showing in your post is great. I’ll try to use it. Hopefully it will work for me

  13. I have enjoyed reading your blog for a while now and think it’s about time I left my first comment! I’m subscribed to your RSS feed and will continue visiting often, so keep up the good work!


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