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How to Bypass Firewalls, Proxy Servers and hide IP address (Anonymity)

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Update:- If in case you are looking for a tutorial to actually BLOCK any website on your computer that too without using any software, follow this link.

Most network administrators at work, university or school deny access to certain websites, instant messaging or social networks such as facebook, myspace or orkut with a firewall or proxy server. If you are constantly getting a message saying “Can’t connect” or something similar, the service you are trying to connect to have probably been blocked by your network administrator.

The same is the case with my college LAN where most of the things are blocked and even many institutional sites are not accessible. Damn it! But as soon as the system is made, next day it’s broken. That’s the way we suppose to live.

So, it’s time to focus on our main topic- how to bypass firewalls, proxy servers and hide IP address.

Software Requirements

1- JAP -> Download and Install.

Alternate link (working 100%)

2- Java Runtime Enviroment(JRE) -> Download and Install.

There is an open source utility called JAP that protects our privacy on the Internet. In process to this it also helps to bypass firewalls and proxy servers.

Instead of connecting directly to a webserver, users take a detour, connecting with encryption through several intermediaries, so-called Mixes. JAP uses a predetermined sequence for the mixes. Such a sequence of linked mixes is called a Mix Cascade. Users can choose between different mix cascades.

Since many users use these intermediaries at the same time, the internet connection of any one single user is hidden among the connections of all the other users. No one, not anyone from outside, not any of the other users, not even the provider of the intermediary service can determine which connection belongs to which user.

Let’s learn how to configure it. Just follow the steps:-

1- After installation, open JAP and click on “Config” button.

A “Settings” window will get opened.

2- Click on “Network” and if you are using any proxy to connect to the Internet then enter your proxy details under “Proxy/Firewall” section. Don’t forget to choose type of the proxy you are having.

3- Next, choose “Services” under “Anonymity” option.

4- Click on the “Reload” button and after few minutes you’ll get a list of services called “Mix Cascades and single Mixes”

It is through these services we will get connected to the Internet, bypass the firewall and surf anonymously. It’s important to first understand these different types of services before start using it. There are basically 3 types of services that may be available to you at a given time. First one is the paid one, second is free services and third is the test service.

We will be focusing on Free Services here. Now how to recognize which service is of what type?

5- From the dropdown list above select “Mix cascades without costs“.

6- Now the RED stop mark before a service name shows it is “excluded by filter” which means it’s a paid service. But a BLUE ball mark before a service name shows it’s free to use.

7- Choose any one of the available free services and click on the “Select” button to activate it.

Free Services that I prefer are “Dresden-Dresden” or “SpeedParter-ULD

8- Click “OK”.

That’s it. You are all set to connect to the Internet now.

9- Set Anonymity to “On“.

Soon JAP will get connected. Now, let’s learn how to use it.

To make web applications ( like Internet Explorer, YM, GTalk etc) work with JAP, use “IP address” and “port number” 4001 under connection settings of your applications.

(If this particular part is not clear, please ask your doubts in comments section of this post)


No more blocked web sites, no more blocked IMs. Everything is unblocked now that too with certain level of anonymity. Isn’t great?

Do share your thoughts on this. It’s your comments and feedbacks that matters a lot. They are priceless.

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94 Responses to “How to Bypass Firewalls, Proxy Servers and hide IP address (Anonymity)”

  1. ReviewSaurus says:

    Jap is a great software as not only it’s free but powerful too. HOwver, i’ve noticed that browsing becomes too slow after applying any of the anonymity services.

  2. Rakshit says:

    Mayank, you are absolutely right. Free services has this limitation. But, I am sure paid ones are different. I have tried that TEST server- JonDo, it works great.

  3. Nirmal says:

    Right, free services will always have its own limitations.

  4. Rakshit says:

    When everything is blocked at your work, people like me die for these type of services. No matter it comes with some limitation but at least they get what they looking for.


  5. Twilight says:

    This looks great too, have to try how ever im not great at computer networking or coding, i was not able to understand the step 2 well, when you say proxy server, do i have to use a proxy server address thats available online which when u google it. u get lots of Ips that are suppsoed to be proxies or is it okay just with our LAN connections.. sorry if i sound silly !

  6. Rakshit says:

    Thanks for commenting again, Twilight.
    No question is silly buddy. People encounter different types of problems and its my job to help get over each of them.

    Anyways, in Step 2 I am not referring to the proxies which you get on google or any where else. It’s the proxy which you use to connect to the Internet. Check your browser’s connection settings, you’ll find there. If you are connecting to the Internet without any proxy, then leave that step. In that case it’s not necessary.

    Hope, I am clear now. Please feel free to discuss more of such problems, if any.

  7. Jawwad says:

    This is nice service, of course slow speed is the main concern. Also try http://www.torproject.org/download.html.en which is similar anonymity service and also has the slowness attribute as this one(unfortunately)

  8. Rakshit says:

    Thanks Jawwad for sharing that with us. I appreciate that. I’ll check out soon.

  9. Rahul says:

    You forgot the BASIC concept. If the admins can block sites, IMs, etc., do you think they’ll have a full-access account so that you can install apps? :P If you have somehow managed to get the password of an account where you can install, this software might be good. Thanks for letting us know, though :)

  10. Rakshit says:

    Rahul, thanks for sooo… many comments. I appreciate your contribution. :-) Keep those coming.

    Buddy if your personal computer is also attached to that same network then isn’t that you have full access to your own computer? In college LAN like that of mine, we can connect our own computer to the main college n/w from our hostel rooms through connecting port. Simple!!!

  11. OMG I’ve been trying programs like this out all day… and this is the only one that works, and also…Thank you SO MUCH for the easy plain English tutorial on how to use it. Yes, it’s a little slow… but it works great for my instant messengers!

  12. Rakshit says:

    Wow Chrisseh-chan, it’s great to know that it solved your problem. Also, thanks for leaving a comment otherwise I would have never came to know this.

    Try Speed Partner service, it best for browsing. The speed of any service largely depends on the number of users using that particular service. Less users means fast speed.

  13. mmoore says:

    how much is paid ? and is speed better ?

  14. mmoore says:

    also is this something you can load when you need it and shut off when you dont

  15. Rakshit says:

    Click here for detailed list of available plans to access JAP paid services. Paid servers has got really good speed. You can check that on a test server- JonDo, available after installing JAP.

    If you have got any other query, please feel free to ask me. Thanks for your comments.

  16. yarthein says:

    Thank you…..
    I found this software and freedom software.both working.

  17. Rakshit says:

    You’re welcome, yarthein.
    Freedom is yet another software to bypass firewall and it works perfectly fine too. Only glitch is that you first need to register yourself to their website to get user name and password.

  18. [...] times we need to unblock certain websites to gain access to some important stuffs. We all know many ways to do that. But how about actually [...]

  19. Neilreyn says:

    My work browser will not let me acess the “JAP” webpage!! It falls under proxy advoidance!! Is there any other way to load the website?!

  20. Rakshit says:

    Neilreyn, if you opening the JAP website for downloading purpose, you can download the same from some other website as well. Try download.com! Check here.

  21. aqcmme says:

    Rakshit, i just chanced upon your blog while troubleshootin JAP and discovered tonnes of info!! Kudos, needless to say, you’re bookmarked!!

    i was wondering if you could help with my problem: i m using a USB modem (via 3.5G)to connect to the internet, the first time i configured JAP i was ok. now i can’t seem to load a page unless i uncheck the proxy setting so i can no longer be anon. the minute i check the proxy setting i will not be able to load up any page.

    Help? many thanks in advance.

  22. Rakshit says:


    Welcome to Aarambh. Its good that you liked the articles. Thanks for bookmarking. :-)

    Just check whether JAP is connected or not before you try to access internet. If it’s do connected, it may be possible that the port 4001 is conflicting with some other application. Try changing the port to 4443 from configuration option and then reconnect JAP. Now your new proxy should be

    Report in with updates and if the problem persists we will think of some other solution.

  23. hanim says:

    hi rakshit,
    i’m facing the same problem that Neilreyn had. the browser not let me access the “JAP” webpage (Internet Access Denied). I try your recommended site http://www.download.com/JAP and down load the JAP but the message prompt “download error setup will be aborted”. Is there any other way for me to enable my YM or gmail chat?
    really need ur help…

    many thanks in advance

  24. Rakshit says:


    That means that JAP website is blocked by your network administrator. In that case I am giving you 3 alternate links to download the software. They should work pretty well.

    1.) Softpedia link
    2.) Jap Official site link
    3.) Another link

    Its total size is around 14.8 mb. If problem pesists, reply me, I’ll tell you more alternatives.

  25. hanim says:

    Thanks Rakshit for your prompt reply.

    I have tried all the 3 links but unfortunately none is successfull.

    1)Softpedia & 2)Jap Official site link, message prompt:-
    Error opening file for writing:
    click abort to stop the installation, Retry to try again or Ignore to skip this file.

    I did retry but then failure.

    3)Another link – Internet Access denied

    I hope there still have other solution for me :(

  26. Rakshit says:

    OK, don’t worry.

    It seems you are able to download the file successfully but not able to install it, right? Did you install Java Runtime Enviroment(JRE) before installing JAP?

    Anyways, first install JRE (download location is mentioned above in the post) and then download JAP from this location.

    I have uploaded my version of JAP (the one I use) and you can get the same from above link. Just download it, no need to install. Open jap.exe file and its working abs fine.

  27. hanim says:


    have tried download and run JRE but failed. msg prompt:
    this account does not have sufficient privileges to install Java (TM). Please login to an account with administrative permission.

    It seems that i don’t have choice but to accept the fact that i cannot use YM huhuhuhuu…

  28. Rakshit says:

    Hanim, I got your problem. You are logging on to your system with limited access account. It may be a guest account or any other acc with limited access. Try to login with an admin acc or ask your network administrator to install JRE on your computer. Give any reason like you want it for official purpose.

    Or, if you just want to access YM, I can tell one more alternative.

    You can prefer web applications for this purpose. Try out these 3 sites.
    1.) http://www.meebo.com
    2.) http://www.koolim.com
    3.) http://www.iloveim.com

    Hope this will solve your problem. Still, if you have any more queries, just feel free to contact me anytime.

  29. Chhaya says:

    tell me Rakshit, if i do this, will my IP be hidden on Pidgin? or on GTalk?

    if not then please please tell me how i can be sure that no one can (i m not talking about FBI type ppl) trace my IP address..

    please help.

    i will come back for the reply.

    Chhaya’s last blog post… Of Love and Shadows

  30. Rakshit says:


    Rest assured. Need not to worry. If you follow exactly the same guidelines, your anonymity will be maintained.

    After you are connected through JAP, visit this site and see your IP address there (which is not your actual one). Then disconnect your JAP and your IP address should be different this time.


    But avoid any file transfer through Pidgin or GTalk. There may be chances that your exact IP may get disclosed. Don’t forget to connect all your web application with address and port 4001.

  31. Chhaya says:

    hey Rakshit

    thank a lot for the prompt reply. i did it and works just purrrrrrrfect.
    one more query .. what changes do i make in my Pidgin? i have set the Gtalk properly…

    shud i change the port to 4001 and the proxy setting to “environment setting”?
    plz help !

    Chhaya’s last blog post… Of Love and Shadows

  32. TeKilla says:


    I’m trying to install Java but I’m not the administrator (only a guest or sg) in this machine.
    When I’m run the Java installer a following msg appear:
    “this account does not have sufficient privileges to install Java (TM). Please login to an account with administrative permission.”

    I know, “lets try login as an administrator” :) But i have no privilage.

    When I’m a guest, how can i install java?
    Is it possible or not?

    Thank u very much! (sorry 4 the wrong english :) )


  33. hani says:

    Hi rakshit,

    at last, i managed to open the jap… what i did was, upon run the jap file i have to save into other folder rather than program folder (because it is blocked by admin). thanks rakshit.

    just curious upon open the jap file i still need to key in my network id and password. does it mean the administrator can trace me?

    this is awesome!!! thanks and have a nice day rakshit!

  34. Rakshit says:


    Good to know that. :-)
    Change Proxy settings to “HTTP”.
    Port: 4001


  35. Rakshit says:


    Great that it finally worked for you.

    You need to key in your network ID and password only for connecting to Internet. Without that you won’t be able to connect to internet.

    It may possible that your network admin can trace your online activities if by chance he checks your network account details.

    Just try to maintain good relationship with him. Hehe… ;-)

  36. Rakshit says:


    Just try to install Java to some other location other than “Program Files”. It should work all fine.

  37. Chhaya says:

    i did that, but it does not let me connect. plz tell me what i put in the pidgin settings for –

    1) connect port
    2) connect server
    3) file transfer proxy
    4) proxy type
    5) host
    6) port

    i know i m asking too many things, but i wanted it to be clear so that i dont have to bother u again.

  38. aqcmme says:

    Hi Rakshit,
    i tried using 4443, didn’t work. Something must be wrong from my service provider. as long as i used a proxy server i couldn’t connect.

  39. hani says:

    hi rakshit,

    I am bit curious and would like to know if I used this method will it increase the network traffic?

    FYI, I only used this for chat purposes (using ebuddy or webYM)

    thanks in advance

  40. Rakshit says:


    If you are using it for chat purposes then it is not a problem. But certainly if you use any bypassing software, it will surely give your full priveleges on the network. So, your network traffic may get a bit increased. Avoid downloading anything. It will work just fine. No one will come to know about that.

  41. hani says:


    thanks for the explanation! Yup definitely I avoid doing all the downloding.

  42. RAJGHAD says:


  43. JC says:

    I´m getting the “error contacting the JonDonym information service”
    What should i do??

  44. Quincy says:

    So when using applications how would I use JAP? There are no places to change any network settings. I don’t want to use JAP for IE or anything, just one certain program.

  45. dave says:

    The korean government recently blocked magic use. Will JAP allow me to bypass their block and use my magic jack again? If so how do i do it?

  46. Prashant says:

    After selecting DRESDEN-DRESDEN service JAP is showing a message of “connecting” for a long time. How much time does it takes to connect. Please Help!!

  47. miskiab says:

    hi my problem is too. I´m getting the “error contacting the JonDonym information service”
    What should i do??

  48. arich says:

    Ok so does this product work with the Magic jack. will i bea ble to bypass the ports which are closed that my ISP is blocking. I have tried to ummm persuade them into unblocking these ports 5060 5070 UDP but with no success. SO i am trying to find a program where i can bypass these blocks or go around them completely. If u have any suggestions on how to go about this it would be very gratly appreciated.

  49. ngoma84 says:

    hi! i would like to ask if this JAP can allow applications like uTorrent to bypass firewalls. thx

  50. Rakshit says:

    JAP connects quickly if you have good internet connection. If it does not connect then try anyother free server from list.

    Rakshit’s last blog post… How To Get Rid Of Programs You Didn’t Install

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