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On Track again…

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Friends, I am really sorry for not posting any articles for couple of days.

It’s just this viral infection that caught me and forced me to extinguish myself from blogging. This whole month has been very tough and hectic for me. First, that conference which deprived me of writing anything on “Aarambh” and now this viral fever and body-ache is taking the heavy toll on me.

Nevertheless, I am trying to get on track as fast as I can. It will take just couple of days more to get into the groove and then I’ll try to make up the loss.

Till then, Stay Tuned.

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13 Responses to “On Track again…”

  1. ankita says:


  2. Nirmal says:

    Get well soon buddy! :-)

  3. Rakshit says:

    Thanks for those good will wishes.

  4. ReviewSaurus says:

    Get well soon buddy, will be glad to see you coming back.

  5. Rakshit says:

    These are real good words, Mayank. Thanks.

  6. Get well soon rakshit. Since of my busy schedule i was out of my feedreader for couple of days. take medicine at proper time and stay away from computer for some time. Get back when fully recovered … :) .. Cheers !!! waiting for new posts :)

  7. Keshav Khera says:

    Get well soon buddy, hope to see you active once again.

  8. Rakshit says:

    I appreciate your concern, Kanak..
    by the way, it’s very tough to stay away too long from my laptop machine. Hope, a techfreak guy like you can understand that much better.

  9. Rakshit says:

    Thanks buddy. Yeah, I am recovering very fast.

  10. Acai Berry says:

    There is more reason to comment than ever before! Great post! I searched for a while to find the right answer to my questions!

  11. whitney says:

    That?s Too nice, when it comes in india hope it can make a Rocking place for youngster.. hope that come true.

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