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Tuesday Trump #2: Cigarettes- an alcoholic’s best friend!

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Previously, I discussed about Human Attitude. This time let’s focus on what is termed as killers that travel in packs- Cigarettes and Man’s biggest weakness- Smoking.

Smoking is, if not my life, then at least my hobby. I love to smoke. Smoking is fun. Smoking is cool. Smoking is, as far as I am concerned, the entire point of being an adult.

How many times have we heard similar words being said again and again in different formats?The addiction and susceptibility of our body to the harmful chemical nicotine we attain through the different tobacco products we smoke or chew is basically termed as Nicotine Dependence. When we smoke cigarettes nicotine enters our body along with various other chemicals. Nicotine inhaled through the smoke heads straight to the brain and activates the pleasure cells, thereby producing physical and mood altering effects that give us momentary pleasure. But these effects are addictive, making your system crave for continued use of tobacco, once you have it.

Nicotine dependence or plainly speaking ‘the Smoking Habit’ can be very derisive with your health problems. It would initiate a lot of tobacco related harms in your body that can ultimately give rise to diseases of the lungs, heart and blood vessels. Smoking is the evil behind many cases of mouth and lung cancer.

Have you ever thought to find out with every cigarette you lights up daily, along with it what are the other harmful things you are consuming indirectly?

I am sure your reply will be “NO

That’s because if you have ever thought of, then you must have quit smoking.

SMOKERS, please at least be aware of certain facts before you smoke next time.

1- What does cigarette contains?

Cigarette contains over 4000 ingredients other than tobacco and Cigarette Smoke contains 69 carcinogens. In addition to common additives such as yeast, wine, caffeine, beeswax and chocolates, cigarette contains various ingredients with other common use —

acetic acid- vinegar
acetone- nail polish remover
ammonia- cleaning agent
arsenic- poison, used as insecticide
butane- lighter fluid
cadmium- found in batteries
DDT- insecticide
ethanol- alcohol
formaldehyde- substance used to preserve body tissue known as carcinogen
hydrogen cyanide- gas chamber poison
methanol - rocket fuel
naphthalene- moth balls
toluene- an industrial solvent
vinyl chloride- plastic piping

2- Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking

There are no physical reasons to start smoking. The body doesn’t need tobacco the way it needs food, water, sleep, and exercise. In fact, many of the chemicals in cigarettes, like nicotine and cyanide, are actually poisons that can kill in high enough doses.

The body is smart. It goes on the defense when it’s being poisoned. For this reason, many people find it takes several tries to get started smoking: First-time smokers often feel pain or burning in the throat and lungs, and some people feel sick or even throw up the first few times they try tobacco.

Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body; causing many diseases and reducing the health of smokers in general. More deaths are caused each year by tobacco use than by all deaths from human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle injuries, suicides, and murders combined.

3- Different types of diseases caused by Smoking

Worldwide research institutes have established the facts of short term and long term effects of environmental tobacco smoke. Let us understand these one by one.

Short Term Effects:

It depends upon the susceptibility of a person to nicotine. Some can stay in a room with smokers for quite a long time apparently without being effected. Others may get ill within a few minutes or an hour of exposure to environmental smoke.

  • Asthma patients may experience attacks due to ETS exposure.
  • Allergy patients experience all types of allergic symptoms like stuffy nose, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, wheezing etc.
  • Coughing
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Lethargy
  • People who are trying to quit feel cravings for a smoke

Long Term Effects:

There are quite a number of dangerous long term effects of environmental smoke depending upon the frequency of exposure to involuntary smoking. The likelihood of below mentioned diseases are increased by frequent exposure to passive smoking.

  • Risk of lung cancer
  • Risk of heart disease
  • Risk of miscarriages and birth defects
  • Risk of developing asthma in children and adults
  • Risk of ear infections
  • Aggravated asthma, allergies, and other conditions
  • Learning difficulty in children
  • Risk of lung infection

This article is especially dedicated to all the smokers and also to the non-smokers so that they get to know certain facts which originally they might not knew about smoking and its harmful effects not only on them but also on people around them. I hope you will now think on this matter.


Smoking is not good for us in any case, then why we still smoke ???


Please, do ask this question to yourself…


and if your mind says…..”Yes ! I should quit smoking”


Then I will help you in doing so. Don’t forget to check out next Tuesday- ways to quit smoking!

It’s all one thing – both tend into one scope -
To live upon Tobacco and on Hope,
The one’s but smoke, the other is but wind.

~Sir Robert Aytoun of Kincaldie, “Sonnet on Tobacco”

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