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How to check if someone has blocked you on Google Talk

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There is a great little instant messaging utility, Pidgin that helps to find who has blocked you in Google Talk. If you not sure how to configure Pidgin with Google Talk, I advice you to first visit this page.

Ok, now when you are aware of how to configure Pidgin to work with Google Talk, I’ll guide how to make smart use of Pidgin to identify who has blocked you on Google Talk.

It’s very simple. Just follow the steps:-

1- Log in to your Gmail account on Pidgin.
2- Go to “Buddies” -> “Show Offline Buddies“. (A person who has blocked you must be showing offline to you. So you need to make all offline friends visible)

3- Now all your contacts are visible to you. Pick any one of those.
4- Right Click on your chosen contact name and select “Get Info“.

It will show you the brief information of your contact. Now, if any of your contact has blocked you on Google Talk, you will not be able to see his/her profile.

6- Select a contact who you think may have blocked you. Again, Right Click on his/her name and select “Get Info“. You will not see anything. Not even the contact’s name.

This goes to show that this particular contact has blocked you on Google Talk and don’t want to talk to you and so it appears to be offline always.

Hope, you like this article. This is the only way I could able to find out to determine who has blocked you on Google Talk. What’s your comment on this?

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287 Responses to “How to check if someone has blocked you on Google Talk”

  1. Sajan says:


    If you need to know whether you have been blocked, just try steps below:

    Try to send out a voice mail from Gtalk. If it ends suddenly, it means you have been blocked by him/her. If the guy is offline, you will be able to send it to him and would be stored in the inbox of the other guy.

    Kind Regards

  2. arpitSunny says:

    hello bhai, dekh yaar did everything what you told, but after so much anxiety mera kaam nahin hua, a person whom i wanted to check badly once showed only offline, and next time showed details. rakshit bhai, kuch bata sakte ho to batao, me a software developer php too. awaiting reply! Last question is “does showing details even once confirms you are not blocked by that person”

  3. Rakshit says:

    Hi All,

    If a person shows as “Offline” that means he has not blocked you. If a person has really blocked you, then you will see nothing. refer the screenshot that I have posted in the article above.

  4. Adi says:

    r u sure if it shows as offline then u r not blocked by the contact. please help. Thanks in advance.

  5. Smitty says:

    I tested this out by making a false account and blocking myself. If you are blocked it can still show as “Offline” in the box, but it won’t show the full name that you type in when you sign up for gmail. It won’t necessarily be an empty box. It may still show as Offline, just without the name.

    Sigh! Ex boyfriend has me blocked. Jerk.

  6. Rakshit says:

    Thanks Smitty for the clarification. I suppose in new versions of Pidgin, instead of seeing empty box, it says, “Offline” if some has blocked you.

  7. Rakshit says:

    @Adi – If it shows as Offline, then also you are blocked.

  8. Rakshit says:

    Hi All,

    Their is as small correction on my comment earlier. If you see some contacts coming up as “Offline” with no other details like Contact’s name etc. that means YOU ARE BLOCKED by that user.


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  10. pamela says:

    I just checked everything you recommended in pidgin.

    I compared informations btw two buddies.

    1st was offline in gtalk and pidgin but I could see the name and the picture.
    2nd (for whom I assume blocked me) was also offline in both accounts but I could not see the picture.

    You’ve mentioned above that if I can not see anything else but x.y@gmail.com of all the informations about a friend in Pidgin, therefore I was blocked by the person. It is interesting that on gmail I can see the picture though this person is constantly “offline”.

    ANOTHER thing : I created a fake account on gmail. Then I blocked myself (therefore my true account) from this new fake account.
    But when I tried to do vice versa, there was no option to “block this person”.

    Does it mean that we can simply check if someone blocked us on gtalk by trying to block them and if there is no option to block them, assume that there is no option exactly because we are already blocked by that person?

    Thank you in advance for answers.

  11. Rahul says:

    thanks a lot.very useful

  12. Shikha says:

    great dude… it really works… i made a fake account and then blocked myself …if person has blocked you, only one message i.e “Status: Offline” will appear. And if he/she is offline, his/her complete info i.e. his/her full name and photo (if he/she has uploaded any) will appear.

  13. sidhthi says:

    the above idea given by sajan works, if you’ll try to send voice mail to the person who has blocked you the call will be disconnected soonly, otherwise in other case voice mail is stored in inbox….i have tried it m having two account and i hv tried on it ….

  14. aj says:

    Thanx boss.. you saved me from being broke again.. i tested it with fake id and works like a charm..

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  16. sayeed says:

    thanx bossssss..its really working

  17. hector says:


    Your idea works dude no need for additional s/w. Thanks

  18. BG says:

    Hello !

    I have read all the articles and still do not understand something.

    Someone I used to talk a lot with on Gmail is now NOT only offline but the button itself is now gone next to the name.
    Name and username are still present…but I tried I would have to re-invite this person again if I wanted to talk like send a message to email etc. Person on Gmail too.

    I do not know if that person has blocked and removed me entirely from his contacts.

    I did a little experiment with a fictitious name and blocked myself and my name went off…I do not know why his username and contact details are still in my box…but without any small talk thingie AT ALL..nothing ! (not even offline, invisible or anything). Just blank.

  19. indhu says:


    i checked .. its working.. great job u did.. how do you know if someone has blocked you on gmail

  20. Denis Kimani says:

    Hello guys, Many Thanks for the info! I really appreciate the way Rakshit Explains in a clear and easy to understand manner. Keep it up, and your posts are really helpful.

  21. wander says:

    Great Job Rakshit…will save lives!!

  22. Reshma says:

    If i’m removed from the contacts also,can we get the information through pidgin?please reply me.

  23. Thanks a lot for this information. I use Fedora 10 and the big problem is my OS’ inability to get gtalk in the first place. But, with the pidgin, I could at the least make sure that your step by step approach bore dividends. I need to change the OS for a full verification though. And I’d hope it works there as well.

  24. Rakshit says:

    Yes, you will get the information. Only when you’re blocked, the information won’t come.

  25. rohit says:

    niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee trick thanks bro

  26. Marie says:

    Steps I took:

    1) I asked a friend to block me first. I could only see my friends Status:offline and no other information
    2)I checked the person who might have blocked me, but I can still see their full name and picture.

    So I guess he hasnt blocked me. Yay. :)

    Thanks Rakshit!


  27. Kally says:


    I just wanted to say thanks for this; my ex blocked me and it was better to know it than to not. Jerk. (Although from time to time he seems to unblock me). Just out of curiousity, can we expect the same results if the contact has deleted you instead of just blocking you?
    Thanks again, in some ways, this gave me piece of mind and the beginnings of closure

  28. Sia says:

    does this still work in the 2.7.7 version?

  29. shailendra says:

    ya itswork perfect but is there anythng through which we can just canvey thatwe know that he has blocked us or nay thing to convey message to him

  30. Grace says:

    This still works as of Jan 2011, Pidgin v.2.7.9

  31. vandy says:

    as u might know, there is a trick to find out if a user is really offline or in invisible mode. It has to do with first putting the chat “off the record” and then sending a message. If you get an error message in red, they are really offline. If they are in invisible mode, the message would go through with no error. MY QUESTION IS that, when both people are chatting and you go off the record or come back on the record, both are notified, right? However, if the other user (who’s invisible mode u want to check) is really offline, will they get the notification that u went off the record or came back on the record when they log in next? (that is, will they come to know that u had tested them this way when they were away?)

  32. Landside says:

    Hello, you know I use the pidgin for gtalk. There is one contact. I know she is going to gmail each day. I am left that Pidgin for all 24 hours. why it never shows me that she online, or she was online? Because I know she is checking mail each day.
    When I check if she is blocked me with your tutorial it shows that she is not blocked me. COuld you help me please???

  33. Anne says:

    Is there a way to check if someone has blocked you on gchat without Pidgin?

  34. sweety says:

    one of my friend was offline for few days. then when i clicked his id to leave a message in chat it asked me to invite him for gtalk.what does this mean.can anyone suggest me please?

  35. sach says:

    Thanx dude, it really worked…!!!!!!!
    Great work…. keep it up man…. weldone….!!!

  36. s says:

    thanks a lot. it really works.

  37. karthick says:

    The information you told us is everything’s good. but i have a doubt how could you say he/she is blocked the contact only. why the person maybe removed the contact from the list ?? how can i identity the person has been removed or blocked ??

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