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Tuesday Trump #1: A Glass is Half Filled or Half Empty, it’s the way you look at it

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A Winner’s Life
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What is Attitude?

Generally, People have a wrong convention about attitude!!!

1- Attitude is how you think and whether you lean towards optimistic or pessimistic.

2- Attitude is a mental position relative to a way of thinking or being. The current popular usage of attitude implies a negative mind set.

3- Attitude comes from judgments. It develops on the ABC model i.e. Affect, Behavioral change and Cognition.

4- Most attitudes on individual are a result of observational learning from their environment.

Importance of Attitude in our Life

The positive attitude is necessary for success. One who trusts his or her own abilities to self manage (“I can do this”) will be more diligent in self management than one who does not.

Choosing our Attitude

Have we realized that our attitude is our choice and that we alone can decide how to deal with events in our lives??? Have we chosen our attitude???The answer to this question will determine how we position our self in life, to face the challenges ahead of us.

1- We must take responsibility for our attitudes as well as actions. This will give us strength and control during time of change. Prior to a change, most people are comfortable because the situation is familiar. But when situation changes, we may experience feelings of fear, anger, sadness, resistance, as well as relief, hope or excitement. What we do with these feelings is what makes a difference.

2- When we are able to find something positive or see possibilities, we will have energy and motivation. It is paramount that if we learn to manage our attitude, we will not feel paralyzed and potential benefits will follow.
–We will be able to secure assistance with a positive attitude.
–Our self-esteem and productivity will increase.
–We can and must be a role model for others.
–We will have more energy to pursue our goals and dreams.

3- We must act to create our own future. A positive attitude will help us create our future instead of being held back by allowing negative feelings to affect our attitude and behavior. Choosing or exhibiting the right attitude is critical.

Take a Commitment……..You Will Move Mountains…

How do we create a Positive Attitude?

We must monitor and correct our attitudes. One of the most difficult yet important tasks is to monitor and correct deterioration in our attitude.

1- We must engage ourselves in positive self talk.
2- We must stop our self when we realize we are talking negatively.
3- We must attempt to replace negative messages with positive messages.
4- We should also surround ourselves with positive people.

“Attitudes are like Magnets”

To conclude, I must say that it will take and does require hard work to succeed, but we will find it can be accomplished more effectively with a positive attitude. Our positive attitude will be valued and appreciated by those around us. Remember when changes come our way and it will, we can and must remain in control by of course, controlling our attitude and responding positively to that change.

“Turn your problems into Opportunities”
Change your attitude and you will change your life…

“The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.”

George Bernard Shaw

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13 Responses to “Tuesday Trump #1: A Glass is Half Filled or Half Empty, it’s the way you look at it”

  1. Yes the theme you picked up is very correct (very positive) ……. but what if the person is demoralized?? What happens when a person following a path laid by principles mentioned in your blog faces a setback (may be from a superior authority)…. So in short, life is not half full or half empty, it’s a glass with churning water in it…. sometimes calm & sometimes turbulent. You cannot be positive always & this is what is called as LIFE.

    PS : But yes, for whatever time you feel positive aura around you, follow the principles from this post !!! hehe

  2. anukratik says:

    thnx for your comment …

    well!!! I just wanted to say that if the person is strong and confident enough then he should never get demoralized and if this happens, you should be optimistic enough to counter it, and if you can’t, do follow the positive attitude.
    I do agree that life is all about ups n down and to remain happy in any kind of situation, do follow the positive attitude….

    Life is like a “glass with churning water”, but you need to be a bit broad minded, dear. Ofcourse, Life is “sometimes calm and sometimes turbulent” and you know what, a person who possesses a strong will power and positive attitude will always come out with flying colors even in worst situations as compared to another person who can easily get struck by panic and consequently get derailed from his/her goals in life.

    Abraham Lincoln once said,”Most folks are about us happy as they make their minds to be.”
    So, it’s all depends on our mindset. Whatever the situation may be, no matter whether you are on control of it or not, you got to be thinking one and only one thing. How do I respond and respond well enough to get out of it? The answer is simple, be patient, show some positive attitude and try to find happiness in whatever you do.

    That’s it!!!

    Life is not same always. Remember one thing- “Real difficulties can be overcome; it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable”.

    Hope, all your queries are answered. Just leave a comment if you want more on that. I’ll appreciate that you shared your views with us.

  3. Yes I utterly agree with you anukratik. But all I wanted to say was there should be a balance, equilibrium, symmetry of negative attitude & positive attitude. It’s a sea-saw game. BUT positive should always be heavier. Negativity also holds an important position in practical life. It’s then only you realize the true meaning of being positive. A rich person cant get rich unless he faces a poor life. So I would like a post from Rakshit on this aspect – Importance of NEGATIVE ATTITUDE in life. Life’s not always good.

    PS : I am not a off-putting person. I myself have a very optimistic outlook towards life. Ask Rakshit himself. He might elucidate it better. But at this position I know the importance of bad times (I have faced it during my coordinator-ship of my club). I know the importance of negative feelings also. That’s why I picked up this point.In the end I would say “BE POSITIVE ALWAYS” :D

  4. ASHOK KUMAR says:

    I am highly impressed by your article.
    and will definitely try to follow.

  5. Anukrati says:

    thnxz fo thinking so much on this matter, ankit mahanot!

    yes! i will surely explore on the importance of negative attitude…as requested by you.

    n will definitely try to sort out your queries friend!
    stay tunned to learn more on attitude .

  6. very good article…Yes “We must take responsibility for our attitudes as well as actions”…

  7. Anukrati says:

    Thanks for your comments, Techbliss.
    I appreciate that.

  8. Nirmal says:

    Very nice article and nicely presented as well and very true.

  9. Anukrati says:

    Sir, it’s good that you liked it. My next post will be up soon. Stay Tuned…

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  11. viv says:

    Wow this is totally true, from top to bottom. I mean when change occurrs we should try and take a positve step instead of a negative one. But it is hard sometimes. I’m still in school, year 8, and sometimes in tests I get marks that I didn’t hope for, low marks so how do I look at them in a positve way?
    Anyway this article is good thanks.
    write back soon thanks =]

  12. Rakshit says:

    Viv, getting low marks is not a problem. It happens with everyone. All you need to do is learn from your mistakes. Remember one thing.

    Whatever Happens, Happens for a reason.

    Getting low marks should encourage you to work harder than before. Their is a popular saying :- try to reach the stars then only you can fall on moon. So always strive for the best and you will get the results automatically.

  13. viv says:

    ha ha I’ve never heard that one before. Thanks.

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