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Streaming Audio over the LAN/Intranet

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I like listening streaming radio stations over the internet. The place where am I right now, does not have any local radio station, strange right? This is probably the main reason why I prefer listening broadcasted radio stations on internet.

Few months back, I thought of streaming audio over my own college LAN. After few hiccups, I made it running successfully over the network. This tutorial is meant only for streaming AUDIO over the LAN or Intranet. Currently, I am working on streaming audio over the internet as well. I’ll post that too as soon as I resolve that issue. (UPDATES:- Finally, I manage to stream audio over the Internet. It is working perfectly for most of us. Check here.)

So, let’s get started.

Software Requirements

Here goes the list:-

1-> Winamp- Download it from here (Winamp version 3.x doesn’t work in this case. Use either 2.x or 5.x)
2-> SHOUTCast DSP Plugin- Download and Install.
3-> SHOUTCast Server- Download and Install.


1-> SHOUTCast DSP Plugin

- Start WINAMP
- Select OPTIONS-> PREFERENCES-> DSP/Effect-> Nullsoft SHOUTCast Source DSP

On selecting “Nullsoft SHOUTCast Source DSP”, a window will appear which looks like this:-


Now, select the “Output” tab and do the following changes:-



  1. Select “Output 1″
  2. Press “Connection” Button
  3. Address = “localhost”
  4. Port = “1234″ (or any other if you want, 8000 is default)
  5. Password = {any passw you want}
  6. Encoder = “1″

Next select the “Encoder” tab and do the following changes:-

  1. Select “Encoder 1″
  2. Encoder Type = “MP3″
  3. Encoder Settings = 112kbps, 44.100kHz, Stereo ( or any other you prefer)

2-> SHOUTCast Server


First, you have to start the server from the start menu. Choose “SHOUTCast DNAS (GUI)”.
Click on “Edit Config”, a notepad file named sc_serv.ini will get opened.

Now, you have to make 2 important changes into this file.
1-> Password Change- password should be same as used before. If no password selected, leave as it is.
2-> Port Change- Default is 8000 change to 1234 or any other value which u have chosen earlier.

Restart the SHOUTCast Server.
That’s it. Everything is configured now. You are ready to broadcast your own radio.

Just go to Winamp’s SHOUTCast Source window -> Output tab -> Press Connect.

Hope, you like this article. Any feedback is whole heartedly appreciated. So, please don’t forget to give your comments to this article.

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18 Responses to “Streaming Audio over the LAN/Intranet”

  1. Jaime Martinez says:

    Thank you for your help. you are great :)

  2. Rakshit says:

    You’re welcome, Jaime.

    Those words are too good. Thanks a lot.

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  4. DC says:

    Can we do this if i m using a linux box as a server and hace windows op sys on desktops?

  5. Rakshit says:


    If you are able to broadcast music or any other audio file from your linux machine successfully then I suppose on client side irrespective of what OS is installed, you can make this working.

  6. Ray says:

    I have a problem in shoutcast server monitor. I keep having 2 or 3 IP address that appear to be on automatic. every 2 minutes the try to connect and are not able to. This occurs for days and weeks and even month. Can these IP be blocked from shoutcast source or anywhere else???? or do I need to wory about this? please advise.

  7. Rakshit says:

    Ray, do one thing, just change your port number and distribute it to only those reliable ones who really want to listen your streaming audio.

    Any ways, you cannot block IPs from shoutcast server because you are broadcasting your media to everyone on the network. Also, those silly IPs will not effect you in any way, don’t worry about that.

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  9. gynx says:

    i hav changed my port base to “1234″ is tat all…or i hav change the default port is 8000 to “1234″…….also i m sending data sucessfully….but how to connect to my streaming server from my friend’s pc on lan….where r the option on winamp so that they can listen to it….plz help

  10. @gynx

    To connect to streaming audio, just open winamp on your friend’s PC, goto File->open url
    Type in – IPAddress:1234

    IPAddress -> the system’s IP from where you are streaming audio. the main server. got it?

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  12. Vegeta says:

    hey hi,

    I read ur post and found it really good. however i wud like to know how to send live audio stream across a lan/intranet??Do we follow the same way u suggested for broadcasting live stream over internet?? or is there some other way??

    waiting for your reply

  13. Vaibhav says:

    Hi Rakshit,

    found your blog really interesting. Thanks a lot for that.

    I made all the changes suggested by you but on pressing “connect” , the status still says ‘not connected’

    Please help me with that.

    Thank you,

  14. mike says:

    I am not sure exactly what to search for but I am looking at being able to stream audio and play audio at the same time on two networked computers.

    Computer A – plays and outputs audio

    Computer B – plays audio at same exact time as computer A

    For the above to work I would imagine that computer A would have a slight delay after streaming before it starts to play the audio
    both computers would need to be able to synchronize the exact same time

    I have tried this with VLC but could not get them to play at the same time, I always would have a delay…

    If this would be possible it would be SO sweeet!!

  15. fooool says:

    nice article R A K S H I T
    is there anyway that same result possible without using
    winamp shit..

  16. Joel says:

    As of January 31, 2010, neither the Shoutcast plugin nor the Shoutcast server module are available on the sites that you have linked. I can not seem to find them on either the Shoutcast nor Winamp websites. What to do? Please respond.

  17. ZAS says:

    Hi have been able to successfully configure the server side. However on the client side whenever I type the ip address and the password I get the error a necessary data reference could not be resolved (password). Could u help me out please. Thanks

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